PPE Standards

LCC Clothing Ireland makes workwear which falls under the definition of personal protective equipment (PPE), and is therefore marked in accordance with the CE marking regulations (EN standards). Such workwear is intended to protect against accidents or injuries when working under conditions involving cold, heat, flame, rain and reduced visibility.

EU directives classify PPE in three categories:

Category 1 covers the lowest level of PPE. The user is assumed to assess the needs for protection himself, and there is a limited risk of severe consequences of not using appropriate clothing. The products under this category are self declared by the marketer to comply with the standards. HH products under this category are waterproof clothing (EN 343) and clothing protecting against cold (EN 342).

Category 2 covers products intended to be used in environments with risk for severe, but not fatal consequences (not category 1 or 3). The products must be tested and certified by a notified body. Products under this category are flame retardant clothing (EN 531/533, EN 470), clothing with protection against static electricity (EN 1149), high visibility (EN 471), lifejackets (EN 395, 396 and 399) and buoyancy aids (EN 393).

Category 3 covers products and environments where the user can be exposed to mortal danger or to dangers that may seriously and irreversibly harm health. Products under this category comply with CLC/TS 50354; clothing for use by workers at risk from exposure to an electrical arc.


Product Performance

The CE mark provides documentation that the product complies with performance standards set for a product of such nature. It is not an assurance that the product will prevent risk of accidents or severe injuries when the user is exposed to such risks in a working environment. Below is a condensed presentation of relevant EN standards



Size Designation

LCC Clothing Ireland protective clothing is designed and manufactured not to adversely affect the health or hygiene of the user. The design ensures correct positioning and cover of the body when worn correctly.

Design and fabrics provide functionality and user comfort.

The fabrics offer good colour fastness, dimensional stability, strength and durability, to assure the garments prolonged lifetime through hard wear and a high number of cleaning cycles.

The size designation is based on body dimensions measured in centimetres, ref. size chart.

The garments are marked properly on labels and hang tags to provide information as required by this standard.